International patient services

Shahid motahari hospital serves the international service department to meet the needs of international patients .our specialists in this section will guide and support the patient at all stage so that the patient and his family will focus only on the treatment stages.

These experienced specialist will coordinate all stage of therapy from planning, examinations , interpreting , admission to accommodation and payments .our specialists and staff of the international community develop a program this is fully customized and tailored to the patients conditions for treatment and residence.

We call on the patients in the international department to contact the international hospital before referring to the hospital so that if necessary , the patients case is examined by specialist physicians before referral and the patients treatment process is already identified. As soon as the travel plan has been determined the facilitator will provide you with information regarding travel , airport transfers and accommodation, as appropriate.

Welcome to international services (credits of shahid motahari medical center)

shahid motahari hospital is one of iran’s most prestigious hospitals.

It has been recognized as the first-class hospital in the latest Iranian accreditation and above other competitors. This hospital was named as the best hospital in Isfahan province in this evaluation.

The international service unit has a full service dedicated to meeting the need of international patients while staying in a hospital.

Advise the doctor and expert of your international service department at all stage before and during the treatment , follow up all the necessary details and provides you with a focus on the recovery process for you and your family.

The company facilitates the international service of meeting accommodation, transfer, translation , services , hospital affairs and finance with all the details for you. The staff , managers , and counselors of the shahid motahari hospitals hospital provide special service and programs to welcome patients and their families.

After you have been logged in by the company , you will be provided with necessary information regarding accommodation option as well as travel and soon as you apply for a hotel reservation according to your preferences .also if you are informed of your flight details , you will be transferred from the airport to the hospital and vice versa , if necessary , an ambulance will be provided for you.

If your native language is not English , we will provide you with a doctor’s assistance in the accommodation for the interpreter.

How to accept

In order to speed up and mange patients acceptance , the health bureau will conduct all admission service from the start of the hospital to the end of the discharge , along with external patients , and provide guidance for treatment in consultation with the doctor patient.

Patient around the world receive hospital facilities at their full hospital , then will contact the hospital telephone number or facilitating companies and the contracting parties on the hospital website , depending on the type of illness and services received.

Connected to expert physicians by coordinating with an expert (IPD) after admitting to the doctor and receiving an admission order with a representative from the IPD unit , they will go to the admissions clinic to visit the hospital.

If the patient is internal to the internal ward and in case of surgery , all hospitalization procedures include blood tests , CXR , ECG , and anesthetic counseling. Then they will be directed to the VIP room in the relevant department and the necessary steps will be taken regarding the readiness for surgery. Also  , pre and post-surgery training will be given. All these steps are supervised by an IPD expert.

All instructors and self-care as well as contact with the doctor will be given to the patients when they are cleared and they will be contacted by the IPD unit for follow-up and self care and how to use the drugs within one week after discharge. The office of tourism in his center is also able to provide inpatient services for all types of other clinic and paraclinical service and counseling in the fields of infectious diseases , neurology , lung , digestion and check-up service to foreign patients and their fellows provide special conditions as soon as possible.